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Places I love in Rovinj :)

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

The trip to Rovinj was my life changing adventure. It is where I'd decided to resign from my job and focus on my passion and discover the world! it will stay forever my best souvenir.

Lim Fjord

It is the most beautiful natural resources of the Istrian peninsula. You can reach this outstanding natural wonder by road, it’s a 20 min car ride or by tour boat from Rovinj’s port.

The water in the bay is partly brackish, because of its underwater sources of sweet water and it is thus suitable for the growth of plant and animal life and it is also a well-known fish and oyster farm (oysters, mussels, gilt-heads, sea basses).

All these delicacies can be tasted in two restaurants on the very coast of the bay. The bay surroundings are very interesting, the plant covering is lush and diverse, reaching from evergreen to deciduous trees, where various wild animals live, such as boars, fox, badgers, some roe deers and birds like hawks, buzzards, owls.

Free climbing lovers will find a suitable cliff on the northern side, where during the summer time fans of this extreme sport are doing their daily climbing tour.

Lim Fjord!

Dolphin watching sunset cruise

Watch the sunset over the Adriatic Sea on a dolphin watching cruise from Rovinj. Climb aboard and experience the historic city and scenery from a different perspective.

Look for dolphins in their natural habitat. Make your trip to Rovinj a memorable one! #rovinjsunsetcruise #rovinjgateway #croatianvacation #tripitwithdida

An essential part of Rovinj is the port!!!

From the large fishing vessels that call this port home to its countless small fishing boats that are moored here, it’s a lively place full of the fishing village atmosphere. Spend a lovely day walking around the port and getting lunch with a view!

The Old Town

The old town of Rovinj is the protected historical centre of Rovinj, the most appealing part of the town for visitors. The narrow cobbled alleyways and the small squares which have witnessed the turbulent history of the town are full of medieval, gothic, renaissance, and baroque buildings and terraces.

On the northern side, you will find the remains of the walls which used to protect the town’s inhabitants from conquerors and looters. Walking down the old alleys is a very special experience – you will feel like time has stopped and you have returned to the ancient era. Walking in the historical old town, you will find a new surprise at every step.

Mediterrano Bar Rovinj

If you find yourself in need of a break and rest, have a drink at the Mediterrano Bar Rovinj. it is a magic location, well worth a visit and a beautiful special place for a nice drink!

Mulini Beach

For sun seekers, the perfect way to refresh after walking all over the city, is to relax at Mulini Beach. It’s a gorgeous bay. Ideal for sunbathing and the view is delightful, the Mulini beach bar is upmarket with delicious snacks.

Mulini Beach

Museum Zavičajni

The Museum that tells the story of the territory of the City of Rovinj and Rovinjsko Selo. Rovinj Heritage Museum operates in the historical Califfi Palace situated in the historical core of Rovinj. Open from 10am to 10 pm, this museum displays temporary exhibitions, contemporary art, and 16th-19th-century works.

Balbi’s Arch

History in the middle of Mediterranean Plaza!

Rovinj Croatia
Balbi's Arch

Don't miss the gate which narrates Rovinj's history as a Venetian merchant town -- the "Venetian" and "Turkish" heads capping either side of the arch orient you to the historic layout of the town right at the waters' edge near the elegant cafes


I stayed at hotel Angelo D'Oro. It's a historic building a 3-minute walk from the heritage museum Zavičajni muzej grada Rovinja. In a cobblestone street leading to the church of St Euphemia and steps away from Rovinj's main square.

For more details about my experience and what pushed me to go to Rovinj, please read my blog "On the edge of the Adriatic".

Map of Rovinj-Croatia

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