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About me 

I am born and raised in Morocco and am passionate about traveling. While living in Morocco I was able to travel to many amazing places and meet people whom some of them became close friends. I have an extensive experience in office administration including ten years in hospitality management but sitting in offices is not my cup of tea. And this is how I decided to quit my job and travel the world!!!


I enjoy helping people plan their next adventure or relaxing getaway and I share with them all the tips and deals anytime and all the times. Speaking French, English, and Arabic and interacting with local people and learn about new culture made my friend list so diversified and this is what I enjoy the most about traveling. 


My intuitive nature combined with my travel passion and love for photography turned my travel experiences into stories I share with friends and family. 


I have been to more than thirty countries. There is a destination that I got addicted too and I've visited eight times. There are some destinations that I consider revisiting while others are only once in a lifetime for me.


I currently live in the USA. Best US destinations for me are Savannah GA, San Diego CA, and Charleston SC. Colorado will always have a great place in my heart because that was my first move in the country.


In my website, I'll try to share most of my experiences, tips and travel deals all around the world. Who knows, it might coincide with one of your lifetime destinations and help you guys seize the discount by certain airlines. So stay tuned, as I'm always looking for flight and travel deals.


My bucket list is so long and gets longer every day. Let's pack and trip it with Dida.


Contact Me:


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