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1- A walking through video!

2- Palmizana bay- Hvar Harbor - Croatia
Palmizana bay is the most famous Hvar tourist resort with a nautic marina is Palmižana. The bay of Vinogradišće on the southern side of the island is encircled with a dense pine tree forest, altogether with plants such as rosemary and heather, among other exotic plants. A number of restaurants, bars, and pensions are on the island.
It was suggested by the taxi boat captain to enjoy an unforgettable lunch on the glorious blue waters. It was kind of hidden away. It had a few restaurants, an idyllic rustic setting, and a relaxed atmosphere in front of the Adriatic. It is a lovely stop after a day cruising or to get away from the busy Hvar. 

How to arrive: Palmižana can be reached by boat from the Hvar harbor.

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A virtual Tour in Palmizana Bay Croatia

A virtual Tour in Palmizana Bay Croatia

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