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On the edge of the Adriatic Sea!

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

A decision that pushed me to the edge

Rovinj old town
The very spot I traveled for :)

Since it was forbidden to enter the old town by car, I was told to hop on the back of the golf cart; I showed the driver a photo that inspired me to travel to the west coast of Croatia.

A perfect stay

Hotel Angelo d’Oro is a historic building a 3-minute walk from the heritage museum Zavičajni muzej grada Rovinja. In a cobblestone street leading to the church of St Euphemia and steps away from Rovinj's main square.

“I heard this location is not far from the hotel'” I said'. In fact it is opposite to the entrance hotel door, the driver replied; Under the shock of what I just heard, I said: “are you sure we are talking about the same spot”; he reassured me with a welcoming smile. Before he could even stop, I jumped from the cart and realized that I was only steps from the most outstanding scenery in Rovinj;

After walking down the ancient stone steps and taking several photos, I went back to collect my belongings. The hotel was an ancient palace with a beautiful terrace but impatiently I passed all this to go out and start my journey. I threw my suitcase down in the room, swung open the window shutters and realized that my room overlooked the very spot that inspired me to travel here. Even if I had planned it, it would not look this true. Originally I thought it was a café but in reality it was a decoration by an elegant lady that sold beautiful silk products.

I sat at the table to take a picture when I heard; “you have to buy something before” said the owner of the shop; "sure I will, It is because of this beautiful image, I blindly travelled from Casablanca to sit in this very chair" I explained to her. She sets this white table outside her tiny shop every morning and places an elegant white table cloth with colorful flowers and one lonely chair, a small white lamp and a green vase with a bouquet of white roses. This eloquent table setting between two old buildings separated by a set of stairs leading down to the ocean is now causing tourists to stop and form a line in order to sit in the chair for a photo opportunity. After exhausting my camera with selfies, I decided to move on and venture into this former Venetian city and oh yeah, with my silk scarf.

On my way back through the old town, I grabbed my ritual ice-cream and headed back to the hotel. I opened my window to see the very image that drew me to here was now gone and seemed so dull. It was then I realized that this decision to pack and travel Here on was the best decision I made: one; how this image of a little table mysteriously could draw me here and; two: it was here that I decided my life would forever change in light of this amazing destination.

Please read my blog "places I love in Rovinj" to see its location and must see sights.

I can’t wait to go for a visit again ! Rovinj is among my top favorite destinations in Europe!

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