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Toronto in three days!

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

You maybe don't know but Toronto is the most multicultural city in this continent. Your heart will melt in every sense of the word. This city has lot of things to offer, and all sorts of different people everywhere you go. There's all sorts of great music, great restaurants and it's just great to be there.

Bloor St, Bloor west village

Remember, there are lot of things to do in this vibrant city and there is indeed something for everyone; so I wouldn't highlight what to do in Toronto because there are plenty of blogs that contain detailed itineraries. I'd rather just describe my Christmasy trip and you might probably use it as a rough guide.

A tiny charming alley in Bloor St!
Bloor St, Bloor Yorkville

Toronto is a foodies heaven, you can seriously find everything you could possibly be craving in this city, so it really depends on what you feel like. We landed in the evening and we went to the Italian restaurant Posta Italbar Cucina the food and service were top notch.

Next day which was the Christmas eve, we went to the Nathan Phillips Square which is the city centre flanked by Toronto City Hall and the Old City Hall. Very busy with a giant TORONTO sign next to a water fountain. The sign lights up at night, and if you’re in town in the winter, you can skate in front of it. Skate rentals were available despite the Eve but everyday they are available until 9:00pm each day.

Toronto City Hall

We then enjoyed a vegetarian lunch at the outstanding restaurant Planta Toronto. Even though we are not Vegan or even Vegetarian. Planta came recommended and, based on this experience, I can ow see why non-vegan's would flock here. The food was exceptional and the ambiance was buzzing. Super staff so all round a great lunch experience and, if you're interested to try something new that's healthy, innovative and tasty, here's a great place to start from.

After lunch, we head to the CN Tower. It's Canada’s National Tower, an engineering Wonder, award-winning dining & entertainment destination, and Toronto’s “must-see” for over 4 decades. You'll see an amazing view of the city. I would recommend visiting during the day. However, be prepared for a big crowd.The ticket costs around $53 CDN but there are other packages that you can try like the ridge-walk which we didn't try as the sky was not fully clear.

We drove back home on Lakeshore boulevard and we enjoyed the sunset scenery that looked like a postcard that you might find in a Parisian luxury bookstore but this time it's not a postcard, it's real and you see it with your own eyes!

Lakeshore Toronto

And just like that, the weekend is over and we flew back home on Christmas day. Hope you enjoy your gateway in Toronto, it's always a must see destination.

Toronto Map

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