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A quick gateway in Savannah GA!

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

When a humongous vessel meets the sunset under the bridge!

A major seaport in the stunning small city of Savannah!!!! How does that work? 🤷‍♀️ It competes primarily with Charleston/SC port to the northeast and with Jacksonville/FL port to the south.

“Every place in Savannah is romantic. The squares, the moss, the architecture, the boats floating the river and its unique architecture. ”

22 stunning squares in Savannah!!!!

It's a city where history merges with modernity and gives you stunning scenery. Savannah has 22 charming squares that are surrounded by some historic homes, enchanting inns and museums and are all shaded by huge live oak trees. There is a story behind each square. I picked Chippewa square because there’s a lot to see and do around it, from plays to beautiful architecture. Forrest Gump made it famous with its bench scenes when he sits on this park bench for about 80% of the film telling his life story to anyone who will listen. This bench has since been placed in the Savannah History Museum.

The key for a beautiful gateway is the location!

Olde Harbour Inn hotel

I love staying at boutique hotels because they have fewer rooms enabling for more intimate and personal experience. They provide luxury, style and superior service. And on top of all, each boutique hotel has its own personality that will make your experience unique. In Savannah, Olde Harbour Inn is an old palace turned into a boutique hotel nestled in the most vibrant location of Savannah. It has spacious rooms facing the river and the old street. It was a beautiful memory staying at this place.

The heartbeat of Savannah is the Forsyth Park!

It's great for picnic or a nice walk or beautiful wedding photos. The fountain, the trees and the Spanish moss hanging from the trees makes this park a pure magic.

Do not miss it!!!


Enjoy each moment in your gateway!

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