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Guess why I’ll always love my first job ;)

Why my first job will be always my great professional experience because 😁📍we used to receive lot of sweets and snacks from the UK for our tea break📍😁

One of my favorites was the English fruit cake .

Yesterday I made it at home and I even enjoyed it with English tea🍵! it could of been nice if my English friends were around 💕 .

It’s a wonderful and easy recipe that I found at Pinterest and I’ll share it here with few changes to the isted lingredients. I’ve added green cherries, dry apricots and dates to the dry fruits used as well as I’ve reduced brown sugar and I only used one tbs of strawberry jam instead of two.

here is the link to the original recipe I’ve used,

I received lot of compliments regarding this cake and I do recommend everyone to try it. As well it is a nice present when you visit family members or friends.

Remember it’s originally called a fruit cake and not conditioned to be made only during Christmas. In the UK, it is made all year around and it’s a good treat for kids, guests or just for yourself.

As you know the cherries, the dates and dry pineapples are very sweet and with the sugar-jam added, the cake will taste super sweet.

Note: it did take more than 60 min to cook despite I have a new oven. So keep an eye on it.

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