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Colorado: the state that is full of love & beauty

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Colorado, a gorgeous western U.S. state, has a diverse landscape of arid desert, river canyons and snow-covered Rocky Mountains, which are partly protected by Rocky Mountain National Park. Perched a mile above sea level, Denver, Colorado’s capital and largest city, features a vibrant downtown area.

I lived in Colorado about two years where I enjoyed all seasons, food and the beautiful sceneries that will take your breath away.

Colorado is packed of things to do year-round. From family attractions, national parks and outdoor adventure to cosmopolitan cities and welcoming towns, these Colorado vacation ideas will fill your trip itinerary to overflowing and show you how to truly Come to Life.

Hot Springs:

Colorado’s hot springs give you a chance to experience one of the state’s most surreal phenomena: sitting outside in your bathing suit even though it’s snowing. In Colorado, you can submerge yourself in naturally heated hot springs while the flakes fall all around you.

Glenwood Springs, 20 min ride from Hot Springs

Garden of the GODS:

It's an impressive area in Colorado. Located at the base of Pikes Peak, this National Natural Landmark and popular park features stunning geological formations, rock climbing, nature trails and the Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center.

The walk through the garden of the gods is an easy and enjoyable experience. Even most of the other tails were very easy to walk. The whole park is much smaller than some people would expect. But this makes it easier to see most in a shorter period. 1 days would be enough to cover it all.

Garden of the Gods

The Red Rocks:

Red Rock Canyon is characterized by a series of canyons and ridges sculpted by erosion of the area’s uplifted rock strata. The ridges and canyons offer beautiful views and and varied terrain for recreation.

Red Rock

Beautiful red rock formations surround this former rock quarry. Both easy and difficult well marked hiking trails. There is ample parking in front or just off to the left of the main lot. Dogs are welcome but are required to be on leash.

The Red Rock


With its love of fresh air, fresh food and fresh thinking, it’s not hard to see why Boulder earned the title the Happiest City in the U.S. by National Geographic. Fondly referred to as “the city nestled between the mountains and reality,” Boulder is just 30 minutes from Denver but feels like an escape from the everyday. 

When you are in CO, you meet moose, deers and traffic jam might be of Elk crossing the road!

Boulder Flatirons

Who doesn't love this place? The views are amazing , and lot of trails to suit everyone. Lot of parking in the park and on nearby street.

Boulder Flatirons

And when you’re not hiking, eating, drinking or shopping, you can catch a dance or theater performance at the Dairy Arts Center, browse dozens of galleries and see big-name music acts at the Boulder Theater or Fox Theatre. Rich cultural events abound, too, such as the annual Colorado Shakespeare Festival and Colorado Music Festival. Fascinating science tours are available at the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, just two of several federal research labs that call Boulder home.

Estes Park:

Outdoor recreation abounds in Estes Park, located only 70 miles from Denver. Surrounded by the protected lands of Rocky Mountain National Park and Roosevelt National Forest, there is no limit to the types or levels of Colorado adventures you can have here.

Known as the base camp for Rocky Mountain National Park, the mountain village of Estes Park offers all the modern amenities you need with the mountain flare and hometown hospitality you’re looking for. Estes Park has a reputation for unique wilderness activities, which means you’ll find the local experts, the right gear and the guided excursions to get both the novice and the pro out exploring. In the summer and fall, camping, hiking, cycling, rock climbing and water sports, such as stand-up paddle boarding and whitewater rafting, are available in Estes Park and nearby areas.

There are other small towns that I love in Colorado:


I enjoy walking around the art shops in this town, grab a coffee and watch the musical artists that perform in the coffee shops. It's famous too as a stop for the bikers.



Cute little town where you enjoy walking around and wander in the local stores.



Famous Coloradan city for skiing but it is a good plan for enjoying a walk in its downtown or during festivals. It's a good plan during all seasons.


Greenwood Village:

I've been to this city so many times all year around even when it's covered with snow because the scenery in this city is just breathtaking. You can enjoy lot of trails and a variety of good restaurants and local stores.

A view on Greenwood village

Greenwood Village on a snowy day!

Even if I lived in this stunning state for more than a year, I didn't discover everything which makes me feel a bit down as I had the chance to wander and cover it all up. I just hope my dream comes true and I can go and live back there very soon.

Colorado will remain the number one state in the country with everything that has to offer during all seasons and with the super friendly Coloradans.
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