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The Spirit of Morocco!

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Who can get over the blueness of Chefchaouen? No one!

There are several theories as to why the walls were painted blue. One popular theory is that the blue keeps mosquitos away, another is that Jews introduced the blue when they took refuge from Hitler in the 1930s. The blue is said to symbolize the sky and heaven, and serve as a reminder to lead a spiritual life.

Whatever the reason behind the blueness of this city, it is so gorgeous and the striking blue washed buildings in its old town that will make you wander in each little back street.

Chefchaouen location in Morocco!

I consider it’s Medina the best in Morocco. Smaller than Marrakesh or Fez but very friendly and safe at night markets. With so much to discover, hand made local products and friendly people. Prices are not overly charged and people are not pushy.

My major tip for this beautiful medieval city is making sure your trip doesn't coincide with a feast in Morocco as restaurants and shops are closed and all you can do is walk and eat at your hotel so double check your dates with Moroccan holidays before you book your trip.

How to get to Chefchaouen:

-Fly from Marrakech to either Tangier, Tetouan, Fes, or if you must, Casablanca.

-Take a taxi from the airport to the CTM bus station (or from where you're staying if you decide to stay the night)

-Take the CTM bus to Chefchaouen.

If you rent a car without a driver, and you are driving from Casablanca to Chefchaouen, it is preferably to not drive at night, the last 1.5-2 hours is a country drive on peek tiny roads with Hazards. Especially from Ouazzane to Chefchaouen. You want to spend a beautiful journey in Morocco, either rent a car with a driver or take the public transportation or drive in daylights.

I stayed at Dar Echchaouen for its stunning views and location. If you want an overdose charm and you are looking for Instragamable place stay, this is what you are looking for.

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