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Amalfi Coast drive: A one-day road trip from Positano!

Updated: Feb 17

The Amalfi Coast is a 50-kilometer stretch of coastline along the southern edge of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula, in the Campania region. A drive on this coast is considered one of the most spectacular drives in the world.

A little Fiat spotted on the road!

Before I get through this itinerary, I have to emphasize that we've been there in May 2022, two months before Italy issued a new rule for driving on this scenic coastal road. The drive itself is tormenting enough, with twisty turns and narrow streets down the cliffs, but add to that the summer traffic and the situation becomes irritating.

The Road Map

The new law doesn't allow travelers with car rentals to drive any day they want. But rather they can drive on a specific day according to their number plates. This new rule aims to reduce the traffic in summer but it's excluding locals, buses, and taxis. So you'll be probably renting a taxi or a private car with a driver for this day trip.

When we drove with our rental car in May, we couldn't find a parking spot in one of the towns despite our several attempts so definitely renting a taxi for the day is your best option.

We left Positano around 8 am, the traffic then was not bad at all and the views were just spectacular. I daydreamed about this drive for years, and after I moved to the US, I regretted not doing it earlier while living in Morocco, especially since it is too close and cheaper to get there from my homeland.

Amalfi town

After a 37 min drive of scenic views, we arrived in Amalfi town. The first impression is seeing such a beautiful coastal town hugging dramatic cliffs. Now if you have your own car, there is a parking lot but only the driver can go inside. All the passengers have to leave the car before entering the parking. This enabled me to enjoy the unique sceneries that this beautiful town has to offer.

What to see in Amalfi

Amalfi's Port:

It is one of the major ports on the Amalfi coast after Positano. The port can be used as a sea transfer from Naples or for a day trip to explore the region.

Duomo Di Amalfi:

The Cathedral of Amalfi

Built between 1180 and 1280, it is a medieval roman cathedral in Piazza Del Duomo. It is one of the testaments to Roman architecture in Amalfi town.

Paper Museum:

Paper has been a vital industry since the middle ages. The museum features exhibits on history as well as a gift shop.

Wander around the town:

The best way to explore this flat town is by walking around its streets. The steep cliffs can be seen everywhere around the town. Check its local porcelain and lemon products shops and buy souvenirs.

Stop for a coffee at :

Pasticceria Pansa

Such a great pastry shop that offers fresh and crispy local products. If you've already read my article about Positano, you'll know that my new favorite is Sfogliattelle and no day will go by without having one at least.

The best Sfogilattelle I had!

Head north to Minori

Unfortunately, this is the town where we couldn't find any parking spots. So driving with a taxi will enable you to check the lemon groves in this town and probably grab a lemon delight pastry as shown in Stanley Tucci’s “Searching for Italy” show on CNN.


We drove back to Ravello which sits 1000 feet above the sea and we stopped to check:

Villa Rufolo:

The Moorish-style Villa Rufolo offers far-reaching views from its terraced gardens and hosts indoor and outdoor concerts during the popular summertime Ravello Festival.

The view from above at Ravello

Piazza Duomo:

Located in the main square. Its key features are its 12th-century bronze door and its beautiful dome. The front door is locked, walk to the left and enter from there.

Wander in the streets of Ravello:

The town is not big at all so it's easy to see everything by walking. You'll walk through some backyards floating the scent of citrus and you'll spot how many lemon trees are all over which turns this place into lemon heaven.


For good food with stunning views, have lunch at Hotel Villa Maria. With its idyllic setting and scenery overlooking the cliffs, this is what you'll be looking for to wrap up your Amalfi coast tour.

Stunning views at Ravello

We stopped here for a late lunch. We didn't have any reservations but we were greeted and seated right away at one of the fantastic tables they have. The food is so delicious and nicely presented.

Sea of Lemons in Ravello


There are many stores and boutiques for all tastes and choices. Starting from ceramic shops, art galleries, jewelry boutiques, and olive oil or lemon products shops. This town is full of charming local products that you can buy for yourself or as a gift for loved ones.

After shopping and getting our gelatos, the time came to return back to Positano to avoid late traffic and nothing is better than a bye by these lovely goats that we'd met on the road.

If you haven't read yet my article about Positano, here's the link:

Here's a short video for our day trip to Amalfi Coast. I hope you enjoy it.

Safe travels!

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