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Updated: Jan 11, 2020

"We are all voyagers. What you cary with you and what you leave behind define who you are." Unknown

San Antonio Hotel

I was working a full time job and studying evening classes for more than 7 months when I said to myself I need 4 days break in April to be able to finish the year and give my utmost in both studies & work. So my gateway was more for relaxing and resourcing at this Cyclade Island.

Santorini Greece Map

Santorini was for a longtime in my bucket list; when I decided it was time to trip it to this Greek island, I opt for a luxury retreat with a beautiful view on the caldera and the azure Aegean Sea. I knew that it is a destination that I would possibly visit once in my lifetime and it required good planing. So I wanted to pick a perfect location with an amazing scenery that would take my breathe away. And this is how I found this new boutique hotel San Antonio.

Either it is a romantic getaway or you are traveling with friends or traveling solo like I did, I think it is relevant to wake up to a beautiful scenery and enjoy breakfast in front of one of the most visited islands in the world.

Sunset in Oia

I would definitely recommend to rent a car to explore Oia, Fira and the beaches as it's pricy to visit everything by taxi. Traveling in Santorini early april is a wonderful time of the year to visit, to both take lot of pictures and enjoy the adventure with fewer tourists visiting Greece in low Season. The weather is nice, it's sunny but the water was a bit cold for me :D

The view from a coffeeshop in Oia

There are tons of blogs regarding must see things in Santorini, so I'll just highlight it here.

Things to not miss:

  • Caldera day cruise. 100 Euro in low season and should be booked in advance.

  • Watching the Sunset at Oia. But you should go early as it gets busy.

  • Touring Oia and wandering in its narrow alleys, restaurants and stores.

  • Hike From Fira to Oia. This is the single best thing to do on Santorini – and it's free!

  • Cable Car from Old Port to Fira. That was so much fun and you get the panoramic view of the caldera. Make sure you take lot of videos.

  • Ancient Akrotiri. ...

My favorite meal is Spanakopita, I even learned how to make it. You'll find the full recipe at Eat section in my blog. Than a hazelnut baklava with scope of sea salt caramel ice cream on top :) houuuf, I feel like packing and going again.

- Lodging:

I stayed at San Antonio Suites & Hotel, such a gorgeous boutique hotel with outstanding scenery on the caldeira. The staff and the service was top notch. I'd definitely go to the same hotel if I go back.

Keep wandering, packing and tripping it with me :)

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