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Spanakopita muffin cups anyone?

Crispy, easy and tasty!

We all look for easy recipes. Easy and tasty that every member in the family would enjoy. The Spanakopita is a greek dish made of spinach and feta cheese.

Today I'll share with you these Spanakopita muffins which are easy to make and to pack. Can be used as a starter, breakfast, snacks for the road or snack for the kids to take to school.

You can use the same recipe already shared in my blog "A greek savory dish", it's just the way that is different, and replaced fresh dill with dry dill.

Serving: 4-6 people

You'll need: Muffin cups pan

Turn your oven to 380 F

Spray your muffin pan with olive or vegetable oil.

You bring to a low heat the 9 oz of spinach, 2 green onions, 1/2 tsp of pepper, less than 1/4 of salt, 1 tbsp of dry dill, one egg, 1 stick of melted butter (keep some to brush your muffins after your close them) and small jar of feta cheese. You mix it for not more than 5 min. You remove it from the heat and take all the water out.

Your mixture that you'll bring to a low heat for 5 min

You cut the phyllo sheet to 4 equal pieces. And you use 3 layers in each cup. The way I cut it, I put 3 layers of phyllo on table and cut it to 4 pieces, this way, it saves me time and they look same size. You place your tree phyllo sheets on the grazed muffin pan. You add 1.5 tbsp of your mixture in the cup in a way that you'll be able to close it. Close it. Brush it with butter to get the crispy taste and the golden look and bake it for 15 min or less, depends to your oven.

Each cup is made of 3 phyllo layers!

Serve straight away.


I'm sure after you try this recipe, you'll be making it so often.

Bonne appetit (Kalí óreksi!)

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